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Start School Right

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

(4pm Eastern / 3pm Central / 2pm Mountain / 1pm  Pacific)

Kerry Beck

Dear Friend,

A few years ago several of my customers completed a survey about leadership education. 

Back to School DeskIt was a huge help because it reaffirmed to me the concerns you have in raising your children to be leaders.  It also helped me address where you need the most support in providing an excellent education in your homeschool.

I was pleasantly surprised about the results of this survey. 

I thought your biggest challenge with an excellent, leadership education might be along the areas of understanding specific subject matter.  Instead I discovered it was practical ways
to inspire your children & mentor your kids.

So, I'm offering a free workshop to get you started in the right direction this year.  Here's what you'll discover.

  • How to make this school year different & better from all the years in the past ...

  • One method to develop a love of learning for life's leaders

  • Biblical examples of leaders and leaders-in-training that you can follow

  • Two stages in laying the foundation for your children to become a leader

  • Three tips to instill the character of a leader at a young age

  • How you can begin this school right with your own children

  • How & where you can start to raise your kids to be leaders, not followers

  • How to develop a love of learning in your kids ... at all ages!

  • Simple techniques to train your children "how to think" and be successful leaders

  • One activity you can do each day to instill a lifelong love of learning so they can lead

  • Easiest way to become a mentor to your own children this year so they are prepared as leaders

  • How & why a Biblical worldview is imperative to give your own students.

  • How to transition from teacher-directed homeschool to a more independent student-directed homeschool

Step 1: To join the "Start School Right" workshop - please complete the registration information below and click the
(We respect your privacy and will not share your information)

Step 2: You'll receive an email with the workshop information... so make sure you enter your primary email address in the box below.

I guarantee this will be one of the most informative and helpful workshops you have ever attended!

Talk to you soon :-) 

Kerry Beck

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