Did You Know That
A Majority of U.S. Children
(Public School, Private School & Homeschoolers)
Receive An Education Designed For the Poor?
Is Your Child One Of Them?

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Thank you for taking the time to put together valuable training material on leadership education. I have been homeschooling 6 years and as far as I can see, there is little-to-nothing available in this area of education that has any practical application for homechooling parents to use in the mentoring of their children.

I have been pursuing entrepreneurial training for each of my children and have felt like a lone horse on a deserted trail. Everyone else that I know that home schools is on the conveyor belt to keep up with the public education counterpart. Thank you for being a "voice in the desert" that will give guidance to us "many lone horses" that are headed your way.

Cherie (Parent)

Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2016
From: Kerry Beck

I was shocked to discover that most American children receive an Education Designed for the Poor...whether public school, private school or even homeschoolers!

That's right, most homeschool families and private schools provide an education historically designed for the poor.  This type of education has also been called Conveyor Belt Education or Education from a Factory School.

When I taught in the public school I had no idea I was on the Education Conveyor Belt, offering an education to my kids that was intended for the poor. I didn't even know what that was. Each year I had a new crop of students and taught them the same skills as all the other fifth graders in our school. At the time I knew something was wrong, but couldn't put my finger on it.  One thing that always bothered me was not really helping my students learn how to think.  Our school never had enough money to buy a class set of a book that we could discuss and develop good thinking skills.

Fast Forward Several Years ...

By the time my oldest was ready for kindergarten, I knew I did not want her in the public school. We decided to enroll Ashley in a private Christian school. The first few years were okay, but the last two were horrors of the Conveyor Belt. When Ashley gave answers that weren't the textbook answer, using her mind to really think through the problem set before her, she was told to rewrite her essay. I told her I was proud of her answer because she spent time thinking for herself and lining up her answer with Scripture. Finally I told her, "Just write what the teacher wants." That was her last year in the private school.

The next year was my first year of homeschooling. The "public school teacher" in me came out. I decorated all the walls and had lesson plans for every hour of the day. Even though we had freedom to choose our studies and freedom how we would educate our children, I was still on the Education Conveyor Belt.

Patiently, God showed me alternatives for my children's education - Alternatives that are Superior to the conveyor belt. Although I have used a variety of methods to teach my children, Leadership Education is most profitable for my children's development and growth. For the past 4 years, I have experimented and implemented Leadership Education. Using Leadership Education has helped me Jump Off the Conveyor Belt

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I believe one of the most important lessons we teach our kids, alongside the "how to think" and the godly character, is being willing to do things differently--even from others who are doing things differently-to hear His voice and follow your specific calling/passion despite the possibility of failure or ridicule. No true leader makes changes in his world without that willingness and courage. Your materials will enable many more to put feet to the raising of leaders.

Lynn F (Parent)

What Do I Mean By Conveyor Belt Education?

Conveyor Belt Education is provided by the government.  Public education prepares everyone for a job, any job, by teaching them what to thinkPublic education historically existed to teach the poor so they could land a job.  The poor had no other option but public education. 

The rich hired a tutor for their children and provided them an education to lead their communities into the future.  The middle class sent their children sent to private academies that used the strategies of the tutors with a small group of children.  The poor had to settle for an education provided by the government.

Today, American children receive only a public education, set up for poor people to get a job.  Their education is set up like a factory: everyone in the class gets the same education at the same age from the same textbooks, and they are tested the same and graded based upon the same scale regardless of their individual talents, goals, interests, personal mission. Conformity is the name of the game in public education.

I know the Conveyor Belt Education system well . . .I was a public school teacher for 6 years!

Professional education is anything from trade schools to law, medical & MBA schools. These programs create specialists by teaching them when to think. The professional system is similar to public education, but on much more competitive basis....the Competitive Conveyor Belt.  Once you are in the program and decide what you want to do with your life, you must hop back on the conveyor belt for several years until you receive another diploma.  Of course this type of education is mandated so you can really learn your profession.  Any of this sound familiar??

On the other hand . . .

Leadership Education teaches students how to think and prepares them to be leaders in their homes and communities, thus becoming entrepreneurs, church elders and statesmen.   This is the type of education that I want for my children and I would guess you want for your children.  It encourages thinking outside the box, which is difficult for a majority of Americans.

Throughout history, leaders have been mentored by tutors.  Often, they moved to prep schools where they study the classics by using the mentors approach.  It is the Mentoring system and independent studies that create leaders.  Unfortunately the leaders in America have been trained to be professionals and specialists - not leaders.  Most of our nation consists of followers who do not have a problem with the system at hand.  If your children are to overcome this dilemma, you must give them a superior education that prepares them to be entrepreneurs and statesmen by the historically-proven methods for training leaders.

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How Can You Give Your Children a
Leadership Education?

Raising Leaders, Not Followers is the tool you need to provide a leadership education with a love of learning, mentoring and classics.  This three book set gives takes your from gaining your own education to guiding your students to become leaders.  From the young child to the adult, Raising Leaders provides hands-on tips and a Biblical perspective.   

  • Practical Strategies to Implement Leadership Education - Over 90% of my customers said they want a book to help them implement Leadership Education. Raising Leaders, Not Followers has practical tips at all ages to help you today.
  • Biblical Perspective of Leadership Education - Whenever I pursue something new, I must compare it to the grid of Scripture. This goes for educating my children. So Raising Leaders shows you why and how Leadership Education is especially important for Christians. 
  • Helps for All Ages - We start with the young and move to the old, providing practical tips all along the way of your student's education at home.  Don't waste your time trying to coordinate all your kids at different ages; use Raising Leaders' practical strategies for your ENTIRE FAMILY.
  • Raising Leaders, Not Followers - The first book in my set discusses leadership education and explains how parents can get started with their own family. Laying a foundation of character and a love of learning are absolutely necessary to train your children as a leader. Biblical principles and practical techniques are included.
  • Teach Your Child "How to Think" with Mentoring - Mentoring with discussions is essential to teach your child to think for himself and become a wise leader. Discover how to lead a Socratic discussion, use a reading journal and apply Biblical principles to develop your young leader.  Specific suggestions on being a good leader and guiding your students to think critically.  Prepare your students to use their mind to solve problems and build relationships with those around them.
  • Hop Off the Conveyor Belt - Tips & Stories - Real Life Experiences of Moms who use Leadership Education - Articles and more to help you along the way.
  • Step-by-Step Helps to Get Started - Shows you a two-month plan to start your own education and transfer that to your children.  You don't have to research how to get started.  Follow our plan and you'll be off to a great start!
  • Lists of Everything - Books, Questions, Literary Elements, Character Qualities, Daily Tips for Love of Learning, Schedules, and more.
  • Real Life Stories - Moms that use Leadership Education contributed stories to share with you. Follow their advice and you won't have to make the same mistakes we've already made.  They have paved the road before you, imparting their wisdom and experience just for you! 
Kerry has been my favorite vendor at convention because she always takes the time to discuss how she has implemented classical and leadership ed in her own home. Her comments are thoughtful and practical.

Diane L. www.classicalscholar.com

I am very excited about these books.  I believe they offer so much more practical advice compared to (other Leadership Education) books

Rachelle G. (Contributor)

Great material.... This is something that I'd definitely like to promote to our list.

It's really a shame how the public schools are herding their students through the system just to be a clone that will follow the pre-set plan for their lives-a worker that doesn't think for themselves. And they aren't even doing a good job at that, as we hear employers complain that graduates don't even have the basic skills.

Your material is sorely needed for the homeschool community so that Biblically-grounded young adults can re-claim the culture for Christ. It would be nice if the public schools would listen to you too, but we'll just have to dream about that one for now.

Best regards,
Brian (Dad)

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I really liked (the books), really enjoyed them, and think they will definitely fill a need. This is the direction I have been heading ....so your work will help me flesh out what this will mean in real life. Lots of good, practical info and I loved the links!

Holly J. (Reviewer)

I couldn't "figure it out" how to implement it, and I wanted a Christian perspective. Thank God for you bringing this all together!

Lisa (Homeschool Mom)

Steve and Kerry,

Thank you for your resources, etc., I really appreciate what you're doing. As it turns out we share more than a last name! We share a vision to raise our children to be Christian leaders. We want our children to think not only critically but Biblically. Our motivation comes from applying the "make disciples" (2 Timothy 2:2 / Matthew 28:18-20) mindset to raising our children. We also share a common favorites book list. I have read many of your "books to read aloud" to our kids. One or two chapters a night. Right now we are reading Hero Tales (not on your list though you may have read it).

Anyway, I wanted to tell you I appreciate what you are doing. I'm glad there are others out there casting the vision of parents taking the responsibility to *educate* their children (dads, especially need this) not just letting someone else *school* them.

Grace to you,

Kerry packs the e-book with tons of practical ideas for implementing a leadership education. . . Grab a highlighter or pen and begin to make specific notes of how you'll raise leaders...not followers!

Diane L. www.classicalscholar.com

Thank you for putting together a package that will give me practical tips as I struggle to raise my children to go against the tide and serve the Lord and their families, not simply follow the crowd.

Becky (Homeschool Mom)

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What Makes Raising Leaders Different
From Other Education Tools?

Other Leadership Education Tools give you more philosophy than practical helps.  Although the philosophy is imperative, you need someone to make it easy for you.  That's what I've done with Raising Leaders - provided strategies and techniques to "Hop Off the Conveyor Belt" and raise your children to think for themselves.

Over 90% of my customers told me . . .
 I need help with Practical Ways to Implement Leadership Education in my home..

In Raising Leaders, Not Followers, I offer practical ways to implement Leadership Education at all ages. Those of you with young children will find tips and helps to lay the foundation for independent studies and teach "how to think".  You will find daily tips to build a solid character foundation and love of learning.

If you have older students, Teach Your Children "How to Think" will encourage you and offer a hands-on method to mentor your children using classics. Read - Write - Discuss! That is the general method for training your children to think on their own in any area of study. I have even included suggestions for parents to begin their own education as they prepare to raise their children with real thinking skills for the future.

Other parents have told me they can't find a Leadership Education book with Biblical guidance. Without a Biblical perspective, you do not have the overall picture or the proper perspective for raising your children to lead.

Why raise leaders? You want your children:

  • To have a Positive Impact on Society
  • To Rule and Reign for Jesus Christ
  • To Become Entrepreneurs that Change that Community for the Good
  • To have the Freedom to Call Your Own Shots
  • To Honor God

When your children lead wisely, they can conquer the world for Jesus Christ. This book series points you to Biblical reasons for raising your children to lead well.

Reserve Your Copy Today 

I've been impressed with what I've read so far.  I have long been wanting to find the tools to mold my children into leaders themselves.  They're doing a pretty good job so far, but your suggestions are great.

Erica (Homeschool Mom)

I can't imagine all the work it has taken you to get things published, and I hear what you're saying that you couldn't wait to have everything perfect, or it wouldn't have happened. You Go Girl! Hats off to you for doing such a great work!  Keep it up.

Angel (Homeschool Mom)


My husband and I love what we have read so for. When I first began reading about the independent study and mentoring phase I had just finished planning our year and felt discouraged about wasting all that time and effort. As I read further though I was reassured that most of what we have been doing for the past several years have been right on target with the Raising Leaders philosophy (we are in the love of learning stage). It seems as if we have been paddling upstream and just thought maybe we were missing something. As it turns out, paddling upstream is exactly what we need to be doing to raise Godly leaders for our family, community and country. Thanks for the putting together these ideas and forming a peg on which to hang out homeschool philosophy hat!

Homeschool Mom

Rather than view this as "more work" for mom, I encourage parents to be blessed by the opportunity to strengthen their faith and learn the things that we should have been taught in our youth.

Thank you for bringing this great resource to the homeschool community.
Maridel (Writer & Homeschool Mom)

I purchased your Leadership series last year and love it! I would love to win your ebay materials. I have a 10 year old who also seems to have an entrepreneurial flare, and it would be great to maximize both of our potentials! Thanks for what you do!
MJ Funaro (Homeschool Mom)
I appreciated your teaching the other night on how to begin giving me the "nuts and bolts" on how to accomplish this. I also want to say you have a wonderful teaching voice and mannerism. You have a gift to express information to others that makes one want to hear what you have to say.

Regina S. (Homeschool Mom)

Thank you for producing these books from a Biblical perspective. That is the one aspect that seems to be missing in so many guides. Blessings to you for all your hard work.

Kym (Homeschool Mom)

Your books are very encouraging and informative. I am still reading and being challenged to make changes in my life and my children's.

God Bless,
Patti (Homeschool Mom)

So, when I found your stuff, I was greatly relieved that you are not Mormon and to see that there are Bible-based Christians who are taking this idea of Leadership Education and doing something with it! Your book has greatly encouraged me to take the best of it and work with it. I was primarily using classical methodologies, but was fostering a dread of learning by going overboard. My 4 girls are ages 3, 5, 7, and 11, so I feel that I can now correct many things and try again.

You are the only Christian proponent of this I have been able to find. I am now sitting down and working out my plan to incorporate all of this new stuff into my home, so I'm looking to others who have similar beliefs and goals who have gone before me for their input and advice. I joined your "Raising Leaders" team and hope to glean much advice and feedback there. Ultimately, I would like to share all of this with my local Christian homeschool group, so, again, I want to hear what those who've gone before me have found useful and not. Your book covers a lot of that, but I'm always open for more information - especially about what kinds of group activities are really necessary.

Leah Jenik (Homeschool Mom)

I'm excited about leadership education. I haven't read A Thomas Jefferson's Education yet, partly because I am a bit uncomfortable about the fact that DeMille is not a Christian. So you can imagine how excited I am to find your books!

I will probably read TJE after reading your books. I think it will give me a better Christian filter for the info. I don't have a very critical eye yet on what may be worldly viewpoints, so I'm hoping to improve my discernment skills so I can better teach my boys.

God Bless,
Sheryle Kazules(Mom & Teacher)
Dear Kerry,
I can't tell you how excited I am to read through all of your work.  I have been greatly troubled over the last few months about how our school was going.  I couldn't put my finger on it.  And then, providentially, your email about this series came, and I listened to the mp3, and I realized that I'm on a conveyer belt.  Even with all of my conviction that I wasn't on that belt, that I had left it, I was completely stunned by the revelation that the public school paradigm still had me in its grips.  As a former school teacher myself, I could so relate to what you were imparting to us.  I felt so free after listening, reading and participating in your Sunday night call.  I couldn't stop telling my husband about all the insights I was having due to your message and influence.  I am profoundly grateful to you.
I am also excited to know you will be moving back to Texas.  For some reason that gives me comfort as well!  [grin]  I hope you will be in Houston so I may have more opportunities to learn from you.
Hoping you are enjoying a pleasant respite after much hard work,
Praising God for you gifts and work,
Jodi Guerra (Mom)
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bullet How to use your philosophy & goals to improve your homescohool

bullet What to do with "Gaps" in your child's education

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bullet How to lead a Socratic discussion with your children

bullet Which character traits are foundational to leadership education

bullet How to encourage humility in your children

bullet How to develop a good work ethic in your family

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bullet What to do about College

bullet What to do about Speed Reading

bullet How to use reading journals in your Socratic Discussions

bullet How to choose classic books to read

bullet How to integrate Scripture into your discussions

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Dear Kerry,

I discovered you last fall, but due to much illness and chaos in our home have been unable to visit your website again.

I just listened to your "Start School Right" webinar and I can't thank you enough for sharing and helping me get refocused on the important matters. I have purchased and downloaded all the "Raising Leaders" stuff. I am going to try to do a mini session each day for myself to get up and running. Thank you so much for being willing to share this "against the tide" information and encourage us to run the race that has been set before us in a Biblical manner.

May God bless you!!
Dorene Bankester

I read through Kerry's books in a few days, and found them full of practical direction. She gives some very good ideas for mentoring your children, complete with age level appropriate expectations. She also shares some hints for implementing this style if you have several children.

Holly J. (Reviewer)


What Will You Receive in the
Raising Leaders Book Set?

Raising Leaders, Not Followers:
Biblical Perspective of Leadership Education  (ebook) value $20
What is Leadership Education?  How do you get off the Conveyor Belt?  After discussing these topics, Kerry gives you a plan to change your education paradigm and get started with Leadership Education.  Next, practical tips to lay a foundation of character and a love of learning are provided.  Finally, a plan to shift to independent studies is offered.


Teach Your Children "How to Think" with Mentoring
(ebook) value $20
Independent Studies and learning "how to think" are goals of Leadership Education.  Both are accomplished through classics and mentoring.  Learn how to mentor your children with classics and real life.  Discover how to teach your children to think for themselves while studying & discussing the classics.


Hop Off the Conveyor Belt - Tips & Stories (ebook) value $20
Looking for the How To's?  This book is packed with ideas, tips and real life stories of how to raise your children to be wise leaders who think on their own.  Moms who have been using Leadership Education themselves share what works for them.  Easy to use - Flip to a specific category and start reading!


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In addition to the 3 books in the Raising Leaders Book Set,
You Will Receive $22 of Ebooks for FREE:

Classic Book Lists (value $11)
Children's Classic List
Youth Classic List
Adult Classic List
Finding classics to read to your family has never been easier!  Lists for ALL ages.  If Mom is starting her education, she can find books that she will enjoy and move to ones that will stretch her thinking.  If big sister wants to read to the toddlers, she can choose from the Pre-School List.  When you are in the middle of independent studies, choose a book from the Youth List.
Help for the Harried Homeschooler: Schedules & Lists for Raising Leaders, Not Followers (value $11)
You asked for practical tips and this has LOTS!  Sometimes it is easier to learn from charts, so I turned our Getting Started for Moms section into a chart.  I also have some schedules to get started with your children, as well as daily schedules.  Lists make it easy to find information quickly.  There are lots of lists here - Lists of Questions, Lists of Responsibilities, Lists of Character Qualities, Lists of Daily Tips.
PLUS. . .
Workshops & Transcripts (valued at $59.97)
Some of you learn best by listening
Some of you learn best by reading...
So I have both for you!
Raising Leaders, Not Followers Workshop
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Kerry explains the pitfalls of the conveyor belt methods and the benefits of Leadership Education. She offers specific tips to get started, to build character in your children, to develop a love of learning in your family, how to help your children shift to independence and how to mentor with classics.
Teach Your Children "How to Think" with Mentoring     mp3 & transcript (value $25)

Discover clues to becoming a successful mentor to your children. Don't be fooled by the conveyor-belt model! We all learn more when we are self-motivated to study. Use mentoring this year to encourage your own children to be self-motivated in their studies and learn how to think for themselves.




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Hi Kerry, 

Thank you for re-releasing your leadership package this year.  I read the preview copy that you sent me last year for submitting an input via email.  I enjoyed it when I read it, and got a few ideas to add to what we were already doing (literature based/lifestyle of learning approach/relaxed unit studies) with our then 5 and 7 year olds.  I then set my copy on the shelf to wait a few years before I read it again. 

I decided to watch your webinar and listen to the call this week, just to glean some more wisdom. 

 As I have started to go through the materials, I realize that there is definitely some shifting I can do this year to improve in a few areas.  The Lord was already leading us to focus on some character issues, so it was very encouraging and confirming to hear you speak about the importance of a good foundation in character in the early years.

 The one statement you made about the goal being "contemplation", not "productivity" is a golden nugget for me!  So, our homeschool focus for the year is now character and contemplation.

 I was thrilled to be one of the first 10 buyers.  It was definitely God's timing as I had not planned to try to watch the clock and countdown.  I just happened to be walking past the computer and saw your last email come in about the re-lease time approaching.  God is good!

 The entrepreneur mp3 calls are a blessing to our family as we desire to bring my husband, Chuck, home from work soon....We have also watched Steve's business DVD's recently.  I am sure the topics in the calls will add to what we have been learning. 

Thanks again for being faithful to share what God has given you.

Love in Christ,
Maridel Willer
Enjoy a Home Centered Life


Master the Tactics of Leadership Education
So Your Child Can
Solve Problems by Thinking On His Own and
Have the Freedom to Call His Own Shots

It was once said...
  We want one class to have a liberal education. We want another class, a very much larger class of necessity, to forgo the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks.  

Who made this comment about setting up our public education for "manual tasks"?
Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States, told businessmen during World War 1 what he believed the purpose of public schools were.

Are you shockedto find out the direction of public education was purposeful and strategic?
If so, you need to make a change. Change your children's education right now!

Public Schools train your children to perform tasks - tasks in a warehouse, tasks as an accountant, tasks as a doctor, tasks as a professor. Factory jobs come in all shapes & sizes. These jobs are task-oriented. These workers do what their boss tell them to do. Sounds like a conveyor belt to me.

You need to answer one question . . .
Do you want your children to be merely prepared for a factory job?

Why You Shouldn't Buy These Books . . .

If you need a textbook and answers to teach your children, these books are not for you. Those of you who need daily lesson plans for every subject studied should not buy these books.  Raising Leaders offers a new way to educate your children, breaking away from the conveyor belt - textbook method.

If you plan to follow the same plans to educate your children as have been used in the public schools, this book set is not for you. Let's face it, not everyone will be a leader. Those of you who want to teach your children skills, tasks and boring facts should not buy this series.

This book set is for those of you who want to give your children a superior education, going beyond skills and training to teach your children how to think. Thinking on your own is necessary to become a leader who can solve problems, work with people and make wise decisions.


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Raising Leaders, Not Followers 3 book set:
-Raising Leaders, Not Followers:Biblical Perspective
  -Teach Your Children "How to Think"
  -Hop Off the Conveyor Belt
Raising Leaders MP3 & Transcript 
Teach Your Children "How to Think" with Mentoring MP3 & Transcript
Classic Books List:
-Children Classics
  -Youth Classics
  -Adult Classics
Help for the Harried Homeschooler: Schedules & Lists
Christian Parenting & Family Insiders Course - One FREE trial month (September) of our exclusive course
BTS Bonus:Literature Package
BTS Bonus: Old Fashioned Copywork & Dictation
BTS Bonus: Teaching Writing
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The Next Move Is Up To You!

I've shown you that Raising Leaders, Not Followers is as risk-free as an offer can come. You and I both know that if you've read this far in the letter, you're seriously interested in improving your child's education. All that's left to do now is take action.

Kerry Beck

P.S. - A year from now, your children will surely have arrived. The question is...where? Making the decision to be part of the Leadership Education can ensure that your children's arrival will be a profitable one.

P.P.S. - What others are saying about Raising Leaders, Not Followers . . .

 I am inspired and encouraged. I am looking forward to utilizing  the resources from Raising Leaders to keep me going and to  help me with the day-to-day application. 
~ Deanne 

I'm so glad you sent this email! Yesterday was a series of  problems - I logged in late because I was "sure" it started at  8 my time (nope - it was 7), then my hubby called and had gotten involved in a fender bender (in my car, of course),  then the dog had an accident on the couch (since I was in the  other room, pretending to benefit from your webinar)..... 

Anyway - I loved what I heard, and tonight I will sit down  with a cup of tea and listen to the replay. 

I ordered the package - will print it off today and have it  with me when I listen.  Thanks so much for all of your work - you are a blessing. 
~ Carolee 

"It is so obvious that you love the Lord and your family. Thank you for all your very practical insights and encouragements!!!!" 
~ Cinnamon C 

"most defenitely (will recommend) ... I dragged my husband in to hear it, too!" 
~ Rebecca K 

you value the child where they are and encourage personal growth rather than measuring progress by an arbitrary "standard". And because the individuality of each child is emphasized in the atmosphere of Godly instruction
~ Michelle M 

"This has encouraged me tremendously. Sometimes I've felt as if I've missed something, but  I realize I want an education for my children and not a schooling." 
~ Vanessa H 

This helps me and I think it would help other moms relax and enjoy the process of working with their kids more. 
~ Cheri 

Keeping the Bible and character first place in school priorities. Also, seeing read-alouds as an important part of our day. 
~ Janet F 

Kerry provides the direction I would want to encourage for those of us  raising children in today's world.~  Jeniver, WV 

I'd suggest Raising Leaders because it is at the heart of what so many of  us want for our kids, but don't know how to break away from the norm. 
~ JP, College Station 

It is very encouraging.  ~Lorrie, Pikeville 

It is So True that We Need to Take it one step at a Time. 
~ Kirk Nantz Marco, Island, FL 

Yes, I would recommend Kerry's package. I love the idea of getting off the  conveyor belt.
Our kids are not cookie cutters, they all have unique thoughts,  ideas and talents that God has given them. If they are not given the  opportunity to explore those, their gifts and offerings to this world are stifled.  Allow them the chance to come to their individual conclusions and they will  give the world something to think about instead of the world telling them what  to think.
~Traci Smith, Carbondale, KS 

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