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Use these resources to go beyond the Conveyor Belt Education and offer a Superior Education to your children.  Prepare your kids to think for themselves, being able to solve problems and work with people as a wise leader.  These resources are supplemental and in addition to the Raising Leaders Package

Mentoring Young Leaders
Save yourself some time because Kerry has done the research for you on how to use Leadership Techniques with your own children.  Discover the stages of modeling and mentoring your children for the long haul.  This workshop spends more time telling parents how to mentor their young leader, as well as a quick review of mentoring with classics. 
            mp3 & Transcript                              value $25

Leaders are Made, Not Born: Raising Leaders from Childhood
From the early years of educating a child, you can determine whether or not you are raising a leader. Most kids who follow the conveyor-belt, public school model fulfill the government's goal and become followers in life. Learn to go beyond the conveyor-belt and provide leadership training at a young age. Come away with specific ideas to implement leadership training, to develop the love for learning and to provide a core foundation of character in your own children.
            mp3 & Transcript            value $25

Using the Lost Tools of Writing
Do NOt waste your time on figuring out writing any more.  Discover how to come up with ideas, order your ideas and express your ideas.  We will discuss universal problems with writing, as well as ways to solve these problems with your children.  By the time you finish this workshop, you will have fresh ideas to use with your own students.  Writing is "thinking on paper", so be prepared to find ways to teach your children "how to think" from this workshop!
            mp3 & Transcript                              value $25

Start School Right
Discover why most homeschools and private school give their students an education designed for the poor.  Use specific, practical tips to change your children's education to receive a superior education, one that teaches them "how to think" for themselves and solve problems for those around them.
            Online video, mp3 & Transcript           value $37

Leadership Education Q&A 
Kerry answers questions about leadership education on a 1-hour phone call.            
             mp3 & Transcript                             value $25


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